Trans*Code at EuroPython!

Trans*Code returns to EuroPython

At EuroPython 2022 in Dublin last summer Trans*Code held its joyous return after the pandemic. This year, in collaboration with the trans/NB community in Czechia we will be back to continue building the tradition. The event at EuroPython in Prague will take place on Tuesday, 18 July, 2023.

EuroPython has financial aid available, so this is a great chance to take part in a Trans*Code event, attend Europython, and visit Prague July 18! If you’re interested in taking part please feel free to get in touch at or you can ping Naomi with any questions at

And please spread the word throughout your trans/NB communities far and wide!

What is Trans*Code?

Trans*Code is where you can connect and share ideas with trans and non-binary folks as well as allies and co-conspirators. Where trans/NB people are not just included but centered. Where you can explore that pet idea for a tech project centered around your experiences. Where you can make new contacts and forge new friendships. Where you can breathe.

Trans*Code is an international hack event series focused solely on building connections and community while exploring the tech side of transgender issues and opportunities. Trans*Code events are informal hackdays where participants can explore their ideas in collaboration with likeminded people. Coders, designers, activists, visionaries of all sorts, and community members not currently working in technology are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

Trans*Code events are similar to hackathons, but with some key differences:

What happens at Trans*Code?

The day kicks off with the people who have projects briefly describing their ideas of what they want to work on. Everyone then has the chance to join the project that they find interesting, and the day’s brainstorming/planning/coding/etc begins. This continues into the afternoon with breaks for lunch and snacks, until at the end of the afternoon, someone from each project gives an update to the group as a whole. Once the day is done, it’s common for people to go off to find dinner and to continue the conversation.

Why Trans*Code

Founder and organiser Naomi Ceder explains: “As technology offers growing opportunities, being sure these opportunities are equally accessible to traditionally marginalised groups grows ever more important.

“Trans*Code participants can come from any background, working together to create prototypes around the themes of transgender issues and access to technology.

“If you have an idea, can code, can design, want to learn, or want to improve the situation of the trans and non-binary communities through technology, please join us.”


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Mastodon:, #trans_code

Trans*Code events are governed by the Trans*Code Code of Conduct